Making medical deserts bloom

Welcome to the OASES website! OASES is a research project (No.101018341) co- funded by the Third Health Programme of the European Union. The OASES team started this very important journey to work for better health systems and developing the health workforce in Europe. OASES is dedicated to providing a methodological knowledge and detailed analysis of the different problems that cause medical deserts. After identifying the various factors contributing to the desertification, possible solutions and the process of their implementation will be mapped as well. Come and join us to this exciting journey to make medical deserts bloom!

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Paolo Michelutti project manager about the OASES project:

OASES project is focusing on the following issues:

  • A lack of specialist doctors in a municipality.
  • Difficulties to retain general practitioners in a remote area.
  • Barriers to attract midwives to a rural community.
  • Challenges in recruiting young nurses in a poor city.
  • Scarce stock to replace retiring health workers.
  • Lengthy waiting times and long distances when accessing health primary care services.

WHO has now published a useful tool, that can be helpful for us when concidering the above topics.

Find here the: Health labour market analysis guidebook

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OASES Consortium – Several institutes from all parts of Europe and with widespread backgrounds gathered together and created the OASES team. The team members work at various settings, academic and education institutes, research centers and development agencies with healthcare service management profile.


OASES analysis – OASES research on medical deserts is being designed by the OASES team. Key contemporary academic and grey literature will be mapped by using the AAAQ framework in order to explore the medical deserts in Europe. The literature review aims to investigate diverse aspects of medical desertification and reveal the most frequent factors that cause medical deserts. Read more about our framework for literature review here.

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